Coachella, the fashion week of all festivals, is about to hit us in the face again next week. Models, celebs, bloggers, influencers and a bunch of regular people will be gathering in Indio, California for two weekends of outfits, selfies… and music. Because of all the fashion fuzz we’d almost forget that it’s actually a great festival with an interesting lineup.

The past few editions we were flooded with boho meets cowgirl meets semi grungy looks. It was like we woke up in fringe land wearing a pair of hotter than hotpants we never asked for. Combined with cowboy boots to make things even worse. And a pair of shades in the shape of a heart we clearly borrowed from our 5-year-old sister. Being a post-modern free spirit hippie with a free wardrobe, all good. But wasn’t the free spirit thing about the spirit? Correct us if we are wrong…

Let’s agree that this year, we’ll be going outside of the typical Coachella lines. The world is evolving and so is your typical festival wardrobe. So NO MORE:


One more fringe and we’re seriously having a nervous breakdown… We’ve seen enough fringes at Coachella for the rest of our dear beloved lives.

Coachella what not to wear

Crocheted textiles

We understand you like handiwork but try to stick to coasters and tablecloths this time.

What not to wear at Coachella

Flower crowns and scarves in your hair

These accessories proved what they were capable of in 2014, 2015 and 2016… it’s time to move on. Go all natural or try a simple cap if you want to protect your hair against the Californian sun.

What not to wear at CoachellaWhat not to wear at CoachellaOur tip: keep things simple… Make sure your outfit is rather on than over point. And most importantly: enjoy the atmosphere and the music. Because wasn’t that the main reason why people go to festivals? Correct us if we’re wrong again.

Photo credits: Google, Tyler Joe, Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan