Imagine: you move to L.A. and meet Miles Kane at a party. He introduces you to Alex Turner and the latter decides to take you under his wing. You start writing songs together, not only for The Last Shadow Puppets, but mostly for your own album. GOALS! Well, this story is not just a random dream scenario, it actually happened to Alexandra Savior.

No mainstream pop for Alexandra Savior

The 21 year old Alexandra Savior McDermott, originally from Portland, decided to use her middle name as her professional name, because Alex Turner suggested to do so. And of course Mr. Turner was right. “Savior” doesn’t only sound nice, it’s also a fact. Alexandra is a savior. She saved herself from becoming someone she’s not.  When she was a young teenager labels were interested in her, but they wanted to make her a pop phenomenon like P!nk or Katy Perry.

Her song Mirage is a big middle finger towards those labels: “La-di-dah, we sing songs about whatever the fuck they want“.

Turner’s poulain

Being Alex Turner’s “chosen one” is both a blessing and a curse. His lyrics are exceptional – obviously – and his knowledge and experience is something you can truly rely on while working together. But on the other hand, you have very high expectations to live up to with a cowriter like that. Also, you can’t rely too much on Turner. You still want your first album to be yours, of course.

The making of Alexandra Savior’s album, Belladonna of Sadness, is beautifully portrayed in a short introduction video. It also shows how down-to-earth Alexandra is and how adorable she speaks with a little lisp.

Belladonna of Psychedelic Rock

Even though you can clearly hear The Last Shadow Puppets influences and even some Lana Del Rey, Alexandra Savior brings a sound that you don’t hear very often in today’s music. Belladonna of Sadness is an intriguing, magical and melancholic album.

Savior brings a wide range of emotions with her voice. Girlie shows her innocent side, whereas Vanishing Point has a murderous vibe.

The song M.T.M.E. starts with a yawn and ends with a horror scream right before a guitar solo. That illustrates everything Savior stands for. Music can be rusty and experimental, because music is art. She once said: “The most important thing about the music industry I’ve learnt is that it’s total bullshit, and that the thing you should focus on is just the art.”

Definitely a girl that grew some balls! We’re curious what the future will bring for her.

In the meanwhile, enjoy her debut album!

Photo credits: Artist Direct Interviews, Derrick K Lee for Blurred Culture