Billie Eilish sings about the aftermath of a serial kill she committed. “Thought that I’d feel better, but now I got a bellyache.” Not something you expect from a 15 year old little blonde from LA, right? Anyhow, the lugubrious lyrics of Bellyache and her dark pop sound aren’t the only things Enfnts Terribles loves about Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish Started out as a Dancer

Eilish grew up being part of the Los Angeles Children’s Choir. However, her main focus has always lain on contemporary dance. She used to spend 11 hours a week in a dance studio and competing with a team. Sadly, she had to quit dancing last year because of an injury. But at least something good came out of it, because if she weren’t a dancer, her very first single Ocean Eyes would have probably never happened.

Billie’s dance teacher knew she had been writing songs since she was 11. He asked her to write a song so he could use it for class. When she posted it on Soundcloud, so she could send him the link, it kind of blew up. And to make the circle complete… They created a Dance Performance Video of Ocean Eyes, which was choreographed by that teacher.

Eilish’ Latest Release

Since recently there is a craze surrounding Eilish. She has sold out her debut tour, is being featured as an Apple Music UpNext Artist and a lot of people declare their love for her on Twitter, including Tove Lo and Charli XCX. And according to Enfnts Terribles, she deserves it all. It’s unbelievable how she is only 15 and already that talented.

A few weeks ago, she launched a new single: watch. The song is about letting someone go because they’re bad for you. And the music video is an artistic masterpiece. You see Eilish struggling with her feelings and wrestling with herself. Absolutely beautiful. So, drop what you’re doing – even if it’s wildly important – and watch the latest Eilish video.

Thrift Shopping & Designer Clothes

There’s no denying: Billie obviously knows her aesthetics. She’s even thinking about creating her own clothing line! A month ago she told this in an interview:

I’ll find clothes and cut them up, make them into something else. I just try to find crazy clothes. I haven’t gone to a store to buy clothes in forever. I seem to either thrift or buy really expensive designer wear, because I like to wear things you can’t just go buy. It’s ironic because it’s either really cheap or hugely expensive. I really want a clothing line!

Honestly, we’re totally up for that. Especially if her clothing line is gonna be as good as her EP don’t smile at me.

Photo credits: Lloyd Pursall
Interview quote credits: EARMILK