It’s no secret that the Belgians are good at being creative and conquering the fashion industry. This next label is on its way to get on that list of Belgian designers we love. Johny be good is an up and coming label that focuses on making high quality shirts with an edge. They each have it’s own quote tattooed on them in the theme of the collection: lovesickness.

The Collection

Johny be good’s first collection contains 4 quotes on places you would usually put a tattoo. The 4 quotes [Shake me don’t break me | Love me tender | Don’t look back |Kiss & tell] are handmade and drawn by Belgian Tattoo artist Axelle Zwartjes. Which makes the shirts both unique and creative.

The collection so far is very limited in designs. Although we think the brand has to evolve a lot, we do believe that Johny be good could become something big.

How we’d style it

We’d just love to wear these shirts with a Levi’s jeans and some loafers – the Gucci ones, preferably. The fact that there are quotes on the garments makes them perfect for when you want to look casual chic with an edgy and cool detail. Also, this is a shirt we would half-tuck.

Johny be good is available online at their webshop and is sold in selected stores based in Belgium.

Photo credits: Johny Be Good.