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12 Jul

On Our Radar: Joy Crookes

Comparing new artists to icons is dangerous. I don’t do it very easily, but Joy Crookes really reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Joy is born and raised in London, has a unique voice that you either love or hate and she has an attitude that screams “je m’en fous”. Joy Crookes is only 18 years old, but I swear she has an old soul. To be honest, describing her sound isn’t easy. She doesn’t stick to one genre, her music is as eclectic as she is herself. Her mom is Bengali, her father is Irish and she grew up in Elephant and Castle with all its multiculturality.

Starting out on Youtube

I discovered this little gem when she was still only on Youtube. I remember one song in particular, Poison. It was stuck in my head weeks after the one time I heard it.

Then Crookes’ first produced song came out, New Manhattan. The love song, which is named after an area in Brussels, is hauntingly hypnotizing and noir-drenched. The soulful R&B with electronic influences could be a Bond soundtrack.

Her second single, Sinatra, comes with an astonishing music video, made by her boyfriend. Joy’s beauty is undeniable. Her almond-shaped eyes, her glowing skin, her edgy yet classy style… It’s hard not to be jealous.

Recent singles and an EP

Bad Feeling was Joy Crookes’ third single. Fun fact: the concept of the song is based on Feeling Good by Nina Simone because a friend once asked: “What about feeling bad?“.

July 21st the first EP of Joy, Influence, will be released. Her previous singles will be on it, but of course also her new one, Power. “Melanin is not your enemy“, she sings. The strong track includes a photo of 3 generations: Joy, her mother and her grandmother. I guess it’s a preview of the music video… Very promising…


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