She’s plain, but bold at the same time. She sounds familiar, yet she’s extraordinary. Maggie Rogers is hard to describe yet incredibly unique. And when even Pharrell Williams says so, you have to believe it.

The Launch

Maggie was always into country music. She started at NYU with the sole idea of her and a banjo, but she started appreciating dance music while studying in France. At that point, she discovered her own sound. And it is mesmerizing. The first time you hear it, you won’t believe how unique the sound is. I mean, just look at Pharrell’s face in the video beneath… It’s absolutely priceless.

(The song starts at 2:21.)

This video from last year is pure gold, isn’t it? Pharrell explains it so well: “you simply can’t compare Maggie Rogers’ music to anything else“.

The Outcome

Ever since Pharrell Williams visited her class room, things have been going at top speed for Maggie Rogers. In February she released her first EP, Now That the Light Is Fading, and after that she toured all over the world.

This summer I had the honor to see Maggie perform at a festival… and I still haven’t processed that amazing experience. She was wearing a crazy blue costume and bright pink eyeshadow, however, she was super down to earth. But most of all: her singing was outstanding for someone who only started performing this recently.Maggie Rogers at Rock Werchter festival

And okay, I got to admit… I shed a (not so little) tear when she started singing On+Off. What a bop.

The Aesthetic

One last thing to love about Maggie Rogers – apart from her adorable lisp and charming sense of humor – is her appearance and style. Of course, mother nature blessed her with beautiful hair, freckles, and impressive facial features. But it’s the way she dresses that dazes me the most.

Photo credits: Emma Swann and Koen Keppens