Exactly five years ago, & Other Stories opened its first shop in London, on International Women’s Day. What was meant to become mainly a beauty concept, turned into a one-stop style destination for women. Besides an extended beauty department, also clothing, accessories and lingerie were added to the range. With this concept, the label’s main purpose was to inspire women to create a style of their own, not to tell them how to get dressed. While the label kept on growing the past years, emancipation has always remained an important cornerstone.

Seven inspiring women

Because of the label’s anniversary on this special day, & Other Stories met seven inspiring women in the cities where their ateliers are based: Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles. Jardine, Adeline, Amie, Elinor, Ines, Maria and Monica opened up about emancipation and what it’s like to be a woman. Their powerful words were highlighted in short quotes, comprising the essence of their message.

The highlights…

“Our brain functions in an unique way and we have hypersensitive abilities” – Adeline Mai

& Other Stories International Women's Day

Adeline Mai, Photographer, Paris

“Sisterhood is a global network of deep understanding” – Amie Bramme

& Other Stories International Women's Day

Amie Bramme Sey, TV host, Stockholm

“Being a women today means to understand that there are no boundaries, that you can reach anything you want” – Ines Melia, Artist & DJ, Paris (featured image)

“We take part in a female revolution and a new era” – Elinor Nystedt

& Other Stories International Women's Day

Elinor Nystedt, Creative Consultant, Stockholm

“Change, love and sisterhood” – Maria Montti

& Other Stories International Women's Day

Maria Montti, Stylist, Stockholm

“Being a woman means having self-confidence and feeling good in my own skin” – Monica Galan

& Other Stories International Women's Day

Monica Galan, Skater, Los Angeles

“I was raised by a single mom and this gave me the opportunity to see that there’s little we can’t handle as women” – Jardine Hammond

& Other Stories International Women's Day

Jardine Hammond, Stylist, Los Angeles

Photo credits: & Other Stories

All women are dressed in their favorite pieces of this collection