Since & Other Stories expanded its boundaries with ateliers in Paris and Los Angeles, local collabs were within direct reach. The Swedish-based label never went for the big commercial partnerships. Rather like-minded artists, designers or brands made it to their list. This time they set eyes on Kim Gordon, musician, songwriter, visual artist and co-founder of Sonic Youth. She got the chance to transform a collection of indispensable basics into something of her own.

Why Kim Gordon?

There are these people that have the ability to transcend borders. Kim Gordon happens to be one of them. With her music and artwork she manages to inspire several generations of women. And as already mentioned in the introduction, & Other Stories never goes for the most obvious choice when choosing a partner. It’s more about spreading an actual message than purely a commercial stunt.

& Other Stories x Kim Gordon

The Power of Words

The first thing that stands out when you look at the collection are a set of words painted on the items. It all started with “her” and soon the list expanded with “they”, “the other”, “the shadow”, “the end” and “morning mirror”. Kim chose these because she loves the idea behind and the amount of drama surrounding it. Words recall a certain atmosphere and always cover up a certain dose of mystery.

Besides the writing, also abstract drawings made it to the collection. In a first phase Kim painted everything by hand on rice paper with metallic ink. Later on the prints were silk-screened onto the pieces of clothing. The result looks a bit like tie-dye but in a more artistic way.
&Other Stories x Kim Gordon

A family affair

To visualize the collection, they kept things in the family. Both daughter Coco Gordon Moore and dog Syd modelled for the photoshoot, held at Kim’s atelier in Los Feliz. The right choice if you ask us. Because who knows better what you stand for than the ones close to you. &Other Stories x Kim Gordon&Other Stories x Kim Gordon&Other Stories x Kim Gordon

The collection will be available in stores and online starting from the 31st of August. 

Photo credits: & Other Stories