In the wake of a Beauty & The Beast remake coming up next year, we thought it was about time to share 5 of our all-time favorite Disney movies with you guys. Because what’s better than staying inside on a cold winter day with a good dose of Disney?

The Little Mermaid

Honestly… which girl didn’t want to be Ariel at the age of 5 (and older). She was always surrounded by a bunch of funny friends (Sebastian, we’ll always love you). On top she’s a princess living in a perfect underwater kingdom and she marries a pretty prince at the end of the story. Besides that little struggle with Ursula the only thing we can say is… some girls have all the luck!

Beauty & The Beast

Another one we can just keep on watching. We kinda were in transport of joy when hearing the news that a “real life” version was in the making. Seriously… Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens playing as the Beauty & The Beast cast is too good to be true.

But back to Disney. In the beginning we were always frightened by the Beast. And when we finally got used to him and his fluffiness, he turned into that prince. Good for him though but for us it was an anticlimax every single time. Maybe they should have made the male version of beast a bit more masculine instead of a long haired blonde dude. That’s basically the only tiny flaw in this masterpiece. enfntsterribles-favorite-disney-movies-beauty-and-the-beast

The Lion King

Besides Bambi (removed from our list because too sad) this is the Disney movie that made us cry a few rivers. That scene where Mufasa gets murdered by Scar is really heartbreaking. This is also the major reason why we can’t watch this Disney movie on repeat. We would be depressed again for weeks.

Note to Scar: you have a cruel and horrible personality!



Ok, being picked up by a cute guy on a magic carpet has been a lifelong dream. If you recognize yourself in this description, please do send us an e-mail and we’ll forward you the address + description of the window where you can pick us up.

And bless you Robin Williams for being such an amazing genie. You’re missed.


Snow White

The prettiest of them all might be slightly overrated, when compared to Belle, Jasmine and Ariel. But Snow White gets away with the title. This movie spoils us with another good dose of magic. The idea of the poisoned apple putting Snow White into a sleeping dead, the open grave and a prince suddenly passing by can definitely be defined as a good romantic fantasy story.

enfntsterribles-favorite-disney-movies-snowwhite-tsaoshincDigital paintings by TsaoShin