We saw so many Instagram looks passing by during fashion month that it was about time to gather a few of our favorites. An easy job so it seemed in the first instance… Until we realized that remembering who and what we saw seemed to be quite a challenge. Anyways, thanks to the invention of the hashtag we managed to find a selection of the finest looks.

New York

It’s funny to see that street style during fashion month actually differs from city to city. Even people in the business tend to adapt their style to the capital they’re visiting. New York looks can be defined as more streetwear inspired and laid-back than the others. As to be expected quite a few Balenciaga Bazar bags were spotted. And denim, loads of denim!










Of all fashion weeks, London definitely is the odd duck when it comes to street style. It’s… how we have to say this… different! We absolutely adore the shorts over jeans look with the socks and ankle boots. One of the best combos we’ve seen this far. Apparently even Giga Hadid was inspired since she was spotted in a similar look in Milan. If you want to know more about this new demi-denim trend you should definitely check out Kiev-based designer Ksenia Schaider.










Italians are definitely a bit more flamboyant than the others. And fashion insiders visiting the city don’t want to bale out on “fare una bella figura”. Print on print, sequins, patches, high heels and Gucci… lots of Gucci. However that last brand seems to have won over fashion month in general. Haven’t seen the GG logo popping up on such a large scale since Tom Ford’s lordship in the nineties.









Just a few more days and we meet in Paris. Looking forward to what the French have in store for us! Our predictions are: loads of Vêtements, Gucci and Balenciaga. What do you think?