Levi's Pride Collection 2017


4 Aug

Here’s Our Selection of the 2017 Pride Collections

You could see it as another marketing stunt but one that affects our society in a positive way. More and more labels are launching Pride collections. Which of course draws attention to the brand itself but also creates an enormous amount of awareness. In only 22 of the 195 countries worldwide, same-sex marriages are allowed. The Netherlands were the first ones to legalize the law back in 2001. Two years later Belgium, Ontario and British Columbia followed. If you thought that even the Western societies would be open-minded by now… think again. So whether the purpose of launching a Pride collection is a commercial stunt or not, all attention is welcome to support the LGBTQ community.


Levi Strauss & Co. is well-known for standing up for the rights of the LGBTQ community. This year the brand launched a collection of gender neutral T-shirts, Tanks embossed with “Fight Stigma”, cutoff shorts and a T-shirt with the rainbow Levi’s logo. All the revenues from this collection will be given to support the work of the company’s partner organizations Harvey Milk Foundation and Stonewall Community Foundation.

2017 Pride collection Levi's
2017 Pride collections Adidas


Four exclusive styles out of the Adidas community got a rainbow makeover. Also Adidas will continue to stand behind the LGBTQ community by supporting the Rainbow Laces Campaign.


Weekday celebrates Pride month with unisex T-shirts in the 8 colors of the rainbow flag. That was originally designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker. The colors were determined to symbolize sex (pink), life (red), healing (orange), sunlight (yellow), nature (green), magic / art (turquoise), harmony (blue) and spirit (violet). As a kind reminder, Weekday printed these symbolic terms on each T-shirt.

Pride collection weekday
2017 Pride collections Converse


Also Converse designed a bright and colorful collection to honor the LGBTQ community. With the #yestoall the brand is creating awareness around the fact that everyone is free to be who they are. All proceeds of this collection will be donated to the It Get’s Better project and The Happy Hippie Foundation.


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