Paris Gem: Chez Janou

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Renowned for its culture, architecture, food, wine and fashion – and so much more. Knowing where to indulge in some fabulous French cuisine can be difficult, with the choices being so many. However, whenever I’m in Paris I make sure stop at a fantastic place in Le Marais. I’m talking about Chez Janou.

Chez Janou and their Mousse au Chocolat

Located in the very fashionable district of Le Marais, Chez Janou is a quaint restaurant and bar. It is most definitely what I think of when I think of a typical French restaurant.

Always packed to the brim, the ambiance that is created in this corner restaurant is delightful. Depending on the time of day, but if you’re planning on having dinner here then a reservation is most definitely needed.  It is equally as nice to go here for dinner or for a glass bottle of wine on their terrace. Let’s be honest – who actually order’s glasses of wine when they’re in Paris?

It is perhaps not as undiscovered and local as I daydream of it being, but it has the charm of a local neighborhood hang out. Once I went by myself and sat at the bar. After five glasses of wine, my high school French turned fluid and I had a highly interesting conversation with a local French DJ.

The chocolate mousse. Literally, the example used with the definition of foodgasm in the dictionary. You order a portion and it is served in a gigantic bowl, with plates for the entire table. You definitely get your money’s worth. Other great dishes are the fried fish and the duck. Perhaps one of the best ducks I’ve ever had!

Address: 2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 Paris, France

Photo credits: Annie Fitzsimmons, Paris Chez Sharon, Vetle Egeland, Pinterest


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