Known as one of the chicest celebrity hotspots in Paris, Ferdi has become quite the institution. This is where the Victoria Secret models went to indulge after their weeks of healthy eating. Kim Kardashian West says the churros are the best in the world, whereas little sister Kendall is known to love their burgers. Recently, this Paris gem moved to London and last night I was lucky enough to go.


On a quaint, small little street in Shepherds Market, you find Ferdi Restaurant. With a sleek dark entrance and lush red drapes covering the window, it seems very secretive. Open the window and push aside the drapes and you’ll find this charming little place. The restaurant is quite tiny, with tables pushed so closely you’ll easily get to know your surrounding dining guests by the end of the night. But this is what creates the buzzing and intimate atmosphere. Reservations are only taking over text.

You’d think a place that has all this celebrity attraction, would be stuffy and pretentious. However, it’s the complete opposite. The most charming waiters with a very low-key vibe.

Now I was hoping that after eating the burger, I’d wake up the next morning looking like a supermodel. Unfortunately, that is not the case – although I did wake up very content and reminiscing about the food. It was quite simply the best burger I have ever had in my life.

Onto another best – this Mac N Cheese was insane. So incredibly gooey with the most incredible crust on top. I can not put into words how pleasurable this dish was.

To top it all of, I had to have the famous churros. The churros that a pregnant Kim Kardashian flew all the way to Paris from LA to have when she was having pregnancy cravings. Having had them myself now, I can definitely rationalise travelling 11 hours to satisfy a craving.

Address: 30 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QN
Eat: If you’re a burger lover, then it’s a must. In addition to the food mentioned above, the guacamole was also really good.
Drink: They’re famous for their margarita’s, but if you’re like me and don’t do well with tequila then they have a nice selection if wines to enjoy.

Photocredit: Vogue, Vetle Egeland, @tatdedektifi, @nader_is_realien, @teddysaidso, She Goes Wear, @foodnabout