Of course I don’t expect you to skip every series in the world. I don’t ask you to miss out on the last season of Game of Thrones (when it comes out, in like… 2019 or something – I cry.) And of course you can rewatch some episodes of Friends from time to time. But I truly, deeply want y’all to slow down a bit. Why don’t you read a book instead?

The Smell of Real Books

I’m currently on a holiday in the South of France. And I wanted to do things differently. No series for me on this trip, but books. Yep, real books. No London-underground-classic-Kindle, no magazines… Real books. So I paid a visit to the library before I headed Southwards.

It’s hard to admit, but I don’t even remember the last time I went there.  I almost forgot the smell of real books. Such a shame, I used to love reading. When I was on a holiday when I was about 15 years old, I read approximately 1 book a day. So for a holiday of 14 days, I dragged along 14 books. But the most recent years, all I “dragged along” was my MacBook Air.

The woman of the library in my neighborhood is how you expect a librarian to be. A bit chubby, short grey hair, walks a bit strange, but she always knows good recommendations because she has read (almost) every book they have in store. She still recognized me, even though I didn’t go there for such a long time. I felt the urge to apologize… don’t know if it was to her, or to myself. “I’m sorry it’s been so long… But with all those series lately…” She started laughing. “Oh, I know, my dear. Everyone’s like that now. The only section that still gets frequent visitors, is our DVD-section.”

Numbly Stare At a Screen & Chill

So here I am in the South of France, back to my old habit of reading a book a day, feeling better then I’ve felt for ages. Every night I fall asleep very easily. Because my brains actually worked that day. I didn’t just binge watch a Netflix series – a.k.a. numbly stared at a screen and took in everything that was served on a platter. I thought, imagined and fantasized.

And apart from better sleep, reading has plenty other benefits. For instance: you train your language. Less spelling mistakes, less grammar nazi discussions, everyone happy! Of course that’s not the only thing you learn while reading. I do admit, however, some series also have a great plots with interesting facts. Girls taught me everything about HPV (a very dangerous STD), for example, which I’m truly thankful for.

But let’s be honest: when you watch a series you don’t always watch a series. You look at the character’s clothes, you check your phone, you’re amazed by how beautiful that one actor is, you can’t remember where you know that new girl from and check her IMDB, … Whilst when you’re reading, you can’t exactly do anything but read.

Again, I don’t expect you to never watch any series ever again. I’m still gonna watch them, too. But just be more considerate and realize how much time you spend behind a screen.