There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea (And on Tinder)

Relationships… it isn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows. Only a rather small percentage of the couples manages to stick together till the end. Which is kinda normal since you don’t fully know each other from the start. And people also evolve or at least we hope they do.

In contradiction with the current dating climate, it used to be not done to hop from one partner to another. Nowadays we like to “shop till we drop”. Nothing wrong with that by the way. Just make sure that you expand the boundaries once a while. Otherwise you might just end up in pretty awkward situations and fuck up other important relationships.

Big fish, tiny pool

Every group of friends and even families had to deal with the “big fish, tiny pool” situation. Once a relationship ended, another friend or family member accidentally fell in love with one of the brand new singles.

Sounds logical since you’re all friends or related for a reason. This means you often share the same opinion, interests and so on. But depending on how much time there was in between romantic commitments, it often messes things up. People’s hearts get broken and those are hard to be healed.

Before falling in love with an ex of someone you care about, we recommend to think with a very, very clear mind. Is it really worth taking the risk? When the other combo didn’t work out at all there’s a chance that unnecessary drama will be avoided. However, when there are still feelings involved we should act carefully. Karma can be a bitch…

When you ever think of cheating, think again and take a step back. That’s an absolute no go! If you have the guts to cheat, you have the guts to act like an adult too. And there are seriously plenty enough fishes in the sea (and on Tinder).

Bro’s before ho’s

The saying “bro’s before ho’s” isn’t really our favorite but it does point out the value of friendships. People tend to often forget that being romantically involved isn’t the only thing that counts. It’s true that love makes you blind, deaf and stupid. But please, try to recover your common sense when necessary.

What do you actually have to remember from this article?

Every situation is different so always try to have a look at both sides. Never do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.

Photo credits: Friends, PLL, Vanity Fair


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