Damn you Gucci loafers… we can’t get you out of our minds but we don’t have the budget either. So there’s practically just one solution: we have to find an affordable alternative. Or we have to go on a Nutella sandwich diet. But ugh, can you imagine eating that all day, every day?

& Other Stories

The Swedish always seem to have a cheap solution for everything… We’re totally addicted to & Other Stories, one of H&M’s many siblings. Quality of the items is very ok, it looks good and you don’t see people wearing the brand at every corner of the street. And they made this pretty black suede loafers with tassel this season. What do you want more? 

Derek Lam

Not be the cheapest alternative but you can already buy some vegetables with that extra 200$ you save. The Derek Lam suede loafers actually remind us of a former past. Don’t combine these with a classic look or people might think that you’re all dressed up for a costume party. A Levi’s jeans, white T-shirt and vintage silk scarf will do.

The Steffen Schraut loafers are kind nice too but we think that they might become to heavy when you have larger feet.


Topshop & Vince Bray

When you’re looking for the cheap version of anything, Topshop always is the place-to-be. We’re actually not the biggest fan of copies. But when you’re family name isn’t Kardashian, you sometimes don’t have another option. One tip: never exaggerate with buying chain versions of the big designs. An overload always looks kinda sad. If you’re a fan of designer clothes, it’s better to buy smart and less than scoring every cheap alternative on the road.

The Calvin Klein loafers might just be a better option. Since Raf Simons is about to launch his first collection for the brand, we predict the brand is going to be an even major hype!

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Photo credits: Walk in Wonderland, Chiara Ferragni, Sandra Semburg, Lacooletchic, Blueisinfashionthisyear, Clochet