Purpose Tour review: Justin Bieber had a day off
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Yesterday, the Purpose Tour of Justin Bieber arrived in Antwerp. If I may believe my friends, the first show was very nice. Justin had a lot of interaction with his fans and was very enthusiastic in his dancing. Tonight, his second show in Antwerp, was something completely different.

Justin Bieber’s head was somewhere else

The crowd was going crazy when the first notes of Mark My Words blasted through the speakers. But the first thing I saw, was that our favorite Canadian singer was on a different planet in his mind. He must have taken something during his trip to Amsterdam. He was dancing, but wasn’t quite feeling it and didn’t look at the crowd very much. The second song Where Are Ü Now made the fans go even wilder. The dancers were great, but Justin forgot to sing while dancing with them. His lips were  moving along with the tape, but he didn’t even bother to bring the mic to his mouth.

His fans don’t appreciate intimacy

He did sing a few songs live, though. And with “a few” I mean four or five. Three of them were very intimate. Everyone left the stage, only Justin remained with his acoustic guitar in a sofa. He started with Cold Water, which was very beautifully sung. Then he continued with Love Yourself. The glimpses I could hear – between all the screaming of the hysterical fans – were amazing.enfntsterribles_justin_bieber_sportpaleis_purpose_01 He sang the song totally different than we’re used to hearing it. Too bad the fans didn’t appreciate his attempt to go intimate and were simply screaming the whole time. He ended his red sofa session with a cover of Fast Car. Nice choice, the crowd dug it.

Before Justin started singing Life Is Worth Living he did a weird little speech. He started a story, forgot what he was going to say, mumbled “Nevermind” and simply started singing. Another proof that he wasn’t really okay.

Different energy after interval

After a little – announced – interval of 20 min, he came back with a different vibe. A colorful skatepark was projected and Justin and his dancers really danced their asses of. Justin changed his David Bowie T-shirt for an ugly yellow checked shirt.

When Justin asked “Who wants to be my baby?” all the girls screamed even louder than before and Baby started playing. A little throwback to when Justin was still a baby himself and attracted a completely different audience. After that another easy sentence to make the audience go wild: “I’m far away from my friends and family. Do you want to keep me company?”. But what happened during Company was absolutely amazing. A gigantic trampoline appeared high in the air and Justin started jumping above my head. Literally.

Emotional ending

Before singing his last but one song, Justin sounded a bit down. He was giving a very emotional speech, but all the fans did was scream “I LOVE YOU.” His answer was very sad: “Yeah, you guys scream, but it feels like no one really gets me.” The saddest part about that is that no one could even understand what he was saying – because of all the screaming – and everyone just continued screaming during the surprisingly long speech. Justin was in tears when he started singing Purpose. Heartbreaking. This was the fourth song he sang live, by the way. Big contrast with the last song, Sorry. How obviously can you lip sync?! Seriously.

Over all, I was a bit disappointed. But then again, everyone can have a day off. And I still had lots of fun. Because even though Justin wasn’t at his best tonight, the show is really nice put together and of course he is pleasant to look at.

Photo credits: Charlotte De Kemp.