26 Mar

Read this article before having a tattoo

So you decided the time has come to get your very first tattoo. Before you go all crazy, know that the thing will be visible for quite a while… putting it mildly. We suggest you read this article first and then head to the nearest tattoo artist.

Location is key

If you’re currently obsessed with facial tattoos, know that you won’t get hired at some jobs. Also, removing a tattoo does leave marks. So are you really really sure that you want to walk around with a drawing or scars on your face? For your first tattoo we would recommend to choose a body part that isn’t visible all the time. Definitely when you’re still young and you have no idea what the future will bring you.

Are you sure namedropping is a good idea?

This month it’s Kaylee but who will be next? Even if you have a steady relationship, think twice before you have the name of your beloved one perpetuated on your body. It may all be very romantic at some point. Just realize that you’re not a character in some Disney movie and that relationships do end badly sometimes.

things to consider before having a tattoo

Is this the tattoo you want to spend the rest of your life with?

So you recently saw the Rescue Rangers movie and thought it would be funny to have a chipmunk tattooed on your upper arm. Great! Couldn’t you really come up with anything else? Our opinion: the “think before you act” saying was invented for a reason!

Double check if the tattoo artists knows how to spell

Tattoo artists might be great in what they do. However, this doesn’t mean they used to have an A on their spelling tests. If you don’t want to look like a fool for the rest of your life, double check the characters first.

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things to consider before having a tattoo

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