Rumors have been around for almost a year now, but there has been a recent development. The long awaited Reebok x Vetements collaboration seems to be coming to us sooner than we might expect! It all began when Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Vetements, was spotted wearing what looked like a Reebok Instapump Fury sneaker. They had random sentences like “I’m Bored” and “me too” drawn on them (photo on the bottom of this article). That particular one has not been released yet, as far as we know. But the two streetwear brands have done a surprise release on another sneaker collab. And they’ve shocked the streetwear world by doing this! We totally understand you having a lot of questions about this surprise release. That’s why we listed everything we know so far!

enfntsterribles_reebok_vetements_collab_02“Official Fake” Capsule Collection

The collab on the Instapump Fury sneaker appears to have released last night in South Korea at the much anticipated “official fake” capsule collection launch. Vetements teamed up with to organise a sort of “garage sale” with new pieces. There are not a lot of details. But we do know that the new Reebok x Vetements sneaker was first sold there for a rumored $ 350.

The English sportswear brand and fashion’s current it label have kept a tight lid on all details thus far, with only a few grainy shots of the sneaker making their way onto the internet earlier this year. That has all changed a few days ago. Vetements posted a photo on Instagram featuring a release date of a new Reebok collab at a secret location in Seoul. The pic was captioned “VETEMENTS COMING TO KOREA” with Reebok and tagged underneath (photo on the right). That secret location was later announced to be a warehouse in Seoul, South Korea. At this location, the first sneaker collaboration between Reebok and Vetements launched. The sneaker is an all white Reebok with the words “left” and “right” on it, as well as the official Vetements logo.

Is this just the beginning of Reebok x Vetements?

As we said, there aren’t any more details about a next collaboration or any American or European release dates for the sneaker. We’re currently reaching out to Reebok to get more information about that. Anyhow, there are major rumors about this just being the beginning of the collaboration between the two brands. Demna Gvasalia has been seen wearing unreleased Reebok sneakers. which are rumored to be a new sneaker collab between Vetements and the sneaker brand.

Stay tuned as we are updating this article as soon as possible when receiving more information. 

UPDATE: Reebok has reached out to us to confirm 3 new Pump Supreme drops in 2017. These 3 drops will be in April, March and May. The 2nd one, in March, is going to be executed by our favorite high end streetwear brand Vetements. They could not give us any further details about the sneaker collab yet, but they told us that the exclusive sneaker is going to be sold at ETQ and Four in Amsterdam, amongst others.

Photo credits: Instagram.

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Sneakers seen on Vetements Creative Director Demna Gvasalia: