Forever Resorts Tshipise
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Camping Grounds

If you’re traveling  through South Africa [on a budget] or especially the other countries nearby, camping is a smart and pretty cheap idea. It is cheaper than staying in hotels or B&B’s  and campsites are easier to find in general. Forever Resorts in Tshipise is a rather annoying and mainstream camping site.
Forever Resorts is one of the big players in South Africa when it comes to the more luxurious campings. They’re specialised in hot springs. Bela Bela, formerly known as ‘Warmbad’, is an example of those hot spring resorts at 100 kilometres from Johannesburg. It’s been a while since we’ve been there, but last time we went it was a pleasant experience. This time, we went to Forever Resorts in Tshipise.


We were nearby on the day of the finale of the European Championship of soccer, so we purposely went to the resort for WiFi and a TV to watch the big finale. When we arrived, we specifically asked for WiFi and a TV at the reception. They told us there was free wifi available and a television at the bar, where we were going to be able to watch the game.
But that wasn’t the case. The WiFi wasn’t working at all. Nobody was able to connect with the promised free WiFi throughout the entire stay we were there. To make things worse, the bar was already closing at 9. There wasn’t any room for negotiation about the hour of closing. As a result of that, we weren’t able to watch the much anticipated finale, which was starting at 9.


The resort is located near a natural hot water spring, which they use to heaten up their pools. The 3 warm pools are awesome to have a swim in the evening. There are saunas, too. Besides the hot springs, there aren’t that many things to do in the area. Tshipise is about 70 kilometres from the Kruger Park and 50 kilometres from the Zimbabwean border with South Africa at Beit Bridge.

forever_tshipise_accommodation_5Camping grounds

Forever Resorts in Tshipise is one of those campings that are attracting loads of annoying South Africans with way too big caravans. You know, those trucks with a huge ass tent on them with another 4 tents on the sides. They’re basically moving their entire house into tents and acting like they’re at home at the Forever Resorts in Tshipise for at least a week or so. They’re playing ugly Music from what seems to be German Schlager singers and don’t care about anyone else but themselves. Apart from that, the camping grounds are hard, not always straight and small. It might be good for caravans, but the ground is too hard for tents. If you’re camping with tents, you are basically fucked. Electricity is only accessible through one of those huge [power lines] that are used for big caravans. So if you are camping, the only electricity source is in the women’s toilets. Not the men’s toilets, because apparently men don’t need electricity.

As a fashion lover, it was a pain in the ass staying at the campsite. South Africans clearly need to read our fashion section a little more often. We think they should all go to a “how to dress for my body type” course. The color combinations I’ve seen there are still causing me [major] headaches.


There’s an restaurant, a little shop and a bar at the resort. The restaurant is really old fashioned with a super boring interior. It didn’t seem appealing to us so we just cooked for ourselves. There’s a bar at the side of the restaurant, too. As mentioned before, the bar closes at 9 pm already. So there’s no chance of having a drink later on in the evening. Which we think is very weird. The little shop is next to the restaurant and bar. It didn’t have any meat when we were there. Not even frozen meat.


There are many washing- and toilet facilities at the campsite. Men and woman are separated and both have their own toilets, showers and even a bath. Everything is very clean and the showers are perfectly hot. There are also the swimming pools that are awesome to have late night swim in.

Photo credits: Forever Resorts, own pictures.