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28 Feb
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Review: Logan

For the past 17 years, Logan a.k.a. Wolverine has basically been the only man in my life (besides the daddy… of course). I say this as a warning.  The article might get melodramatic and I can’t deny that my opinion is far from objective. However, I promise to do my very best to write a decent review.

As a kid I got up every Sunday at 6 am to watch the X-Men cartoons on TF1. At that time I didn’t even understand a word of French. But that little obstacle didn’t stop me from being hooked to the mutants. In case you have no clue of what I’m talking about, watch the iconic intro.

When in 2000 the first film came out, I hurried to the movies. After exactly 1 hour and 44 minutes my Logan / Hugh Jackman crush was a fact. I always blamed the pubescent hormones… But now, 17 years later, I can impossibly still use this as an excuse. Let’s just face the facts: I’m 31 years old and allowed to have a “guilty pleasure”.

When it was announced that Hugh Jackman would impersonate Wolverine for the very last time, I was genuinely sad. Even though I knew that this moment would eventually come and the story isn’t over. There are new X-Men movies in the making and the younger cast is great. But Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry and most definitely Hugh Jackman will always remain an epic crew.

But let’s focus on Logan for now…

Logan movie review Wolverine


The story takes place in the near future where there are barely mutants left. Or at least there weren’t born new ones for the past 20 years. Wolverine became a limo driver near the Mexican border. And Charles Xavier, who’s in his 90’s, is being kept in a tank since he has a hard time controlling his telepathic powers. They live together with Caliban, an albino mutant who can sense and track other mutants. Logan and Professor X dream have serious plans to get away and retire on a boat. But destiny decides about that differently.

While working, Logan is being approached by a mysterious Mexican lady who asks for his help. She’s on the run with a young girl called Laura who seems to be her daughter. Being wary and contentious as always, Wolverine refuses at first. Also, he’s suffering and absolutely not the mutant he used to be. When he finally decides to reach them a hand, things are seriously shaken up. And that’s where the action begins.


Hugh Jackman was great as always. There’s nobody who could have personified Logan better than he did. If some silly director once decides to get Wolverine back in the movies, I sincerely hope it won’t be Ben Affleck getting the role. And what on earth could we add about Patrick Stewart. He has been a superbe Charles Xavier for the past 17 years.

An impressive newcomer was young mutant Laura, played by Dafne Keen. The girl is just a teen but her performance was absolutely stunning. Her character is extremely introverted and traumatized at the beginning of the movie. She literally doesn’t say a word. But when she takes action, you better run as far as possible if she didn’t catch you already. As the story develops, she slowly opens up. These characteristics really do seem to remind me of another personality in this movie… (questionable emoticon).

Logan movie review
Logan movie review

The verdict

Logan was directed by James Mangold who we still know from The Wolverine. Compared to Bryan Singer, who did most of the X-Men movies, he has a more “realistic” approach. This movie sometimes resembled more an emotional drama than a sci-fi adventure. I do understand why they chose to handle things differently this time. It was simply a different, more emotional subject. However, I can’t deny that as a die-hard X-Men fan I sometimes had a difficult time watching the movie. Thoughts like “if Magneto and Storm would have been there” popped up in my mind quite often. But these reflections were probably caused by the fact that I was a bit sad to end this era.

To make a long story short, Logan is a must-watch. Even if you have never seen a single X-Men movie. In that case this will probably be the only one in the series you will actually be able to follow without knowing the background.

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