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The CW is spoiling us with a new guilty pleasure called No Tomorrow. It’s that kind of serie you have to watch when your boyfriend is already asleep or gone for a night out. And you probably won’t scream out loud, in public that you are a fan. But watching No Tomorrow makes you put that brain of yours into neutral. And after a hard day of work we can all have a little fun, no?

If you haven’t watched or you’re still in doubt, here are a few reasons why you should (or shouldn’t). For the ‘real’ men who totally hate romance, do yourself a favor and return to the homepage. Thanks!

1. Xavier with an X is totally hot (as in extremely, enormously hot)

Ok, we fell for the main male character Xavier with an X, played by Joshua Sasse. Who happens to be the way younger boyfriend of Kylie Minogue in real life. Love has no age, we agree. But Kylie could be his mom and we’re just very very jealous. (Kylie, if you ever read this, we’re sorry and we wish you the very best in your relationship).

Honestly, Joshua Sasse isn’t the best actor but the sexy Australian accent really makes up for that. And the role of Xavier is what it is, it won’t make him a Golden Globe winner or nominee. But as we already said, he’s our Tuesday night guilty pleasure. And no, we don’t only look at him as if he was a hot male piece of meat.

2. How about the storyline?

The story is completely lame, actually very lame. But it has a positive message and we like that. For the ones who never heard of the serie: girl (Evie) meets free-spirited boy (Xavier) who believes that the world will end in 8 months and 12 days. Let’s say, don’t expect anything complicated or exciting such as Game of Thrones or Stranger Things. At least you won’t have problems to sleep at night because you’re still thinking about the last episode. And that can be quite relaxing too for a change.

3. Why we feel connected to Evie

Besides that the chance of bumping into a creature like Xavier in the villages we grew up is 0,00001/1000. Her story and behavior brings up a familiar feeling. Maybe it’s the fact that at the age of 30 / 31 she doesn’t have children and still feels young. And she just seems to be very sweet and good-hearted. Anyway, we like the woman!


4. Why we’re actually curious

Since not much has happened up to now we’re really curious about where the story will go to. And will the world actually end?

5. Romantic scenes

Since, from our point of view, it’s a romantic comedy… we expected a bit more romance. Ok, Evie and Xavier hang out a lot but there doesn’t seem to be real chemistry. Or we’re totally wrong about the genre. If so, please let us know.

We can conclude that it’s a nice guilty pleasure. But they will need to step up their game if they will to keep some of the audience for a second season. Joshua Sasse’s hot body will not remain the only reason why we’re watching.


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