This is not a drill! Rihanna finally just dropped more information about her upcoming beauty line called ‘Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’. Until today, the only things we knew where that the first collection is set to release on September the 8th at Sephora and Harvey Nichols. But today, Riri dropped 2 videos on her personal instagram profile. The first one seems to be a teaser or campaign video and it is giving us life!

The second one is a short video featuring model Slick Woods, who is fiercly revealing the first shade names that are dropping on the 8th of September. The videos feature products like lip glosses, lipsticks, highlighters and eye shadows. Everything looks very glowy, dewy and the colors are rather neutral.

Screenshot Fenty Beauty teaser video

The iconic teaser video

Fenty Beauty’s teaser video is iconic in every way possible. First of all, it is the debut of Rihanna’s very first own beauty line. Secondly, Rihanna is teaching beauty brands how it’s done! While brands everywhere are struggling with inclusivity and diversity,  Fenty Beauty is doing all that in a (seemingly) effortless and beautiful way. By the looks of this teaser, Fenty Beauty is going to be one of the most inclusive mainstream beauty brands of all time.

The casting of the video couldn’t be more perfect. There are a bunch of gorgeous models featured in the video. In the first few seconds of the video, you can see a beautiful dark skinned model who is flaunting the new beauty line. The models encompass a wide range of skin tones, hair types, body types, and facial features. There’s even a model with a headscarf in it. We are living for this!

Rihanna also posted a video with the reveal of the shade names on her personal instagram account. The beauty brand itself also posted another video with a different model who’s also screaming out some shade names. We are beyond excited to see more of Rihanna’s first beauty line and we can’t wait to try it on ourselves!

Photo credits: Fenty Beauty