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19 Aug

Rihanna at Pukkelpop 2016: Late but worth the wait

With an angry crowd screaming “BOOOO” – because RiRi was 45 min late – she had a big task cheering us up. But she did. Our favourite “Work” singer danced her ass off and everyone partied with her.

Beautiful stage and opening song

What we saw while waiting, was already very promising. A complete white stage, even the instruments. Her late arrival came with a song as pure as the white scenery: “Stay”. The crowd sang with her from the very first notes and everyone seemed to have already forgotten the long wait.

Second song “Love the way you lie” was followed by some older songs of her. Hits like “Birthday cake” and “Umbrella” blasted through the speakers. I screamed my lungs out. But she also sang some songs from her latest album “Anti”, of course. I really dug it and I was obviously not the only one.


Rihanna’s funny dancing faces

The biggest shoutout should probably go to RiRi’s dancers. They were sometimes even creepy, with their arms in the weirdest positions. Rihanna danced along with them, making the most adorable funny faces. She did sometimes forget to sing, though, which made clear that she wasn’t singing everything live. But who can blame her with a twerk like that?!


Smartphone concert

She did talk quite a lot to the audience. She even claimed to recognize some faces in the front row. I doubt so. Everyone was holding their smartphones in front of their faces. The perks of having such young fans. Lol.

On the other hand, the most beautiful moment of the concert was thanks to those smartphones. Before singing “Diamonds”, RiRi asked to raise a light in the sky. Magical.

One last thing: towards the end of the show, there was soap falling from the sky. Soap. I kid you not. Rihanna knows how to surprise her audience – and how to arrive late – doesn’t she?

Photo credits: Robin Joris Dullers [Facebook, Instagram]


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