enftnsterribles_sadevillain_asheardonradiosoulwaxpt2Aaaah, the art of mash-ups, such a magical musical genre. Two, three or even more songs are deconstructed and put back together in order to create something new. Something which makes musically sense again. Or which doesn’t at all. It is a genre of which it is difficult to state when it exactly got created. Quite a few people agree though that it was shaped to perfection by the Belgian Dewaele Brothers under their 2ManyDJs moniker. Have a listen at their ‘As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2’ album (2003) in the impossible event you never did yet.

Often these endeavors lead to  disasters, on other occasions they lead to the bizarre. As an example of the latter, check out the following interesting mash-up. Of industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Head Like A Hole’ and one hit wonder Carly Rae Jespen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’, appropriately called ‘Call Me A Hole’.


When a mash-up is spot on though, something exciting gets born. Something which completes and best case even tops the originals. Enter SADEVILLAIN. It was a firm wind and a couple of solid connections that led me to this real mash-up gem. Produced by 18-year-old British producer SeanH who rightfully (and lucky for us) thought it to be a great idea to blend all-time favorites Sade and MF DOOM into a masterfully interesting and sexy EP. Thus catering to both the fans of Sade’s soothing R&B and soul vocals on the one hand whilst at the same time giving those who can’t get enough of DOOM more of what they want. It didn’t come as a complete surprise though, DOOM used a sample of Sade’s ‘Kiss of Love’ on his ‘Doomsday’ track. Which makes it the perfect continuation of a story that clearly wasn’t fully written yet.

enftnsterribles_sadevillian_sademfdoomPhoto Credit: The Playground


The quality of a mash-up is a.o. depending on the sources which get combined. Something which this mash-up excels in.

On the one hand there’s English band Sade fronted by Nigerian born singer Sade Adu (born 16/1/1959). The band started in the eighties and got known through tracks such as ‘No Ordinary Love’, ‘Smooth Operator’, ‘Your Love’, ‘The Sweetest Taboo’, ‘Your Love Is King’ and quite a few other smooth, jazzy tunes, hereby never failing to address the subject of luuuuuv in the most subtle way.

On the other hand there’s Metal Face DOOM, abbreviated MF DOOM, real name Danielle Dumille (born 9/1/1971) who has been and is active as well under a wide variety of personas (Zev Love X, (MF) DOOM, The Supervillain, Viktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers, King Geedorah …) and collaborations (with Danger Mouse, Ghostface Killah and many more), which have led him to quite a unique status within the hip hop arena.


This EP isn’t exactly new, it got released 7 months ago, but you might want to give it a listen. Sure it has its interruptions between tracks which will make you wonder if you lost that dreaded wifi connection once again. But tracks like ‘Silver Spoon’ which combines Sade’s ‘Jezebel’ with DOOM’s ‘My Favorite Ladies’ will not disappoint in catering for some smooth yet exciting moments. Try it perhaps during the late hours. And open that bottle of bubbles, for god’s sake.