Why we need to say goodbye to feminism


Why we need to say goodbye to feminism

The word feminism has been around since 1837. But wouldn’t it be great to get rid of this term once and for all? To live in a world where equal rights between men and women are just… normal. A world where you don’t have to be classified as a “feminist” when you just want to be valued for your personality instead of your sex.

Unless you live in a cave without internet, you must have noticed that Trump’s inauguration this weekend was completely overshadowed by protest. In hundreds of cities around the world women left their “households” to make sure their voice was noticed. It was a clear signal, not only to president Trump, that it’s about time for a change. Women have been on the sideline way too long, the future must be equally female.

As usual everyone also had an opinion. Trump fans were at home (or clearly not at the inauguration) rolling their eyes behind the safe screens of their computers. They held themselves strong while saying that he still has to prove himself. And that it’s about time to bury the hatchet. Hillary lost, Trump won… move on and get over it. But did they actually believe that it was only about the new president? The Donald was just the last straw, the last straw in women being done with the fact they still need to fight for their rights.

If you’re thinking right now that women’s rights are still a joke, let’s have a closer look…

Why We need to say goodbye to feminsim

A few numbers

About 1 in 3 (35%) of the women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

– More than 700 million women, who are still alive today, were married off when they were underaged. 1/3rd of these women hadn’t even reached the age of 15.

– In India a woman is reportedly raped every 15 minutes. Even Air India just launched female-only seat sections to combat in-flight sexual assaults. Not only the fact that the male vs female ratio is out of balance, causes these rapes. In the Indian caste system, women are simply placed lower than men.

– As was recently pointed out in the song (and accompanying video) “Hwages”: in Saudi Arabia women aren’t legally allowed to drive (one of the many things they can’t do).

– 1 out of 4 Europeans thinks that sex without permission is defensible when the woman is drunk, dressed in a provocative way, not very clearly says no or doesn’t resist.

– Still 31 million of girls around the world are being denied an education. There are 4 million fewer boys than girls out of school.

And we could continue for a while…

The future is equally female

With Trump being elected, it feels like going yet again a step back. But does it necessarily have to be that way? Can’t his presidency be another motivation to never forget where our female ancestors came from. And for us, the new generation, to definitely know where we are going to?

With the new generation we don’t only want to address to women since there are loads of men that support this cause too. We both have to set an example. Because Mr. President doesn’t recoils from misogynistic behavior, doesn’t mean we have to follow his example.

With the protests last weekend, women & men worldwide showed that they are ready. Ready to say goodbye to feminism.

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Why we need to say goodbye to feminism

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