Considering the timeless shearling coats has made it a habit, since to ’60s , of coming back whenever temperatures drop. We were wondering are shearling coats really making a big return again?

Winter is approaching and people are doubling up on layers. Others are looking to buy a winter coat that’ll practically be “the one”. Nobody is excluded, from your favorite street style star to the boy next door,  we are all on the hunt. So we started browsing through the world wide web. In order to find out why people love the shearling coat so much. And we found 3 answers.

It’s a timeless style item

Since short we found a way to bridge the style gap between us and our grandparents. It has everything to do with thinking retro. Whether it’s today or back in the 60’s shearling coats were always popular during winter. Ask your parents or grand-parents, they might have a story to share on their behalf.

We’ve all seen the speedy comeup of velvet and suéde garments (for men and women) or Tommy Hilfiger’s return of the baggy jeans. But slowly the shearling vest is also making a stamp especially with the low temperatures we’re coping with nowadays.


Shearling coats are forever warm

Because they are made out of sheepskin. But besides that the lightweight natural fleece fabric feels soft and extremely comfortable.

Of course women are allowed to the party

Shearling coats look stunning on women too. They say sharing is caring so why not share the moment with the one you cherish the most #Couplegoals .

Another retro fashion trend comeback : shearling coats

Easy-to-wear on a regular basis

There are countless ways of wearing this beautiful sheepskin winter coat. Preferably with a casual city look if it were up to us. Denim trousers, a casual tee plus an extra shirt to respect the laws of layering.

If price becomes an issue because you bankaccount can’t follow? Don’t worry, there must be a thrift store downtown where you’ll find the one that matches your needs. On the other hand if you were thinking of buying the real deal online. You better fasten your seatbelts because that can the result of you having bread and water for breakfast for the last 3 months.


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Photo credit: W Magazine, Style du monde, MR. Porter, SSense