As soon as the Shoe Surgeon, utterly known as Dominic Chambrone, dropped his Black Friday release, he hits us with another one. Meet the brand-new Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Python’, now available in The Shoe Surgeon online store.

The creation of their most recent custom sneaker was inspired by two well-known Air Jordan 1’s. And just to set the record straight, this model is most definitely not a rip-off of the crowd-pleasing Off-White™ x Air Jordan 1 kicks. But rather an homage to the stylish running shoe designed by Virgil Abloh. It’s only fair since they both are in a collaborationship with Nike. Plus, these ones come with a lavish price tag of $3500.

Here's Where To Cop The Shoe Surgeon's Shattered Python sneakerOn the other hand, we don’t know about the flashy green laces though. It reminds us of the tectonic times we always wanted to obliterate out of our memories. So hopefully the Shoe Surgeon will put an extra pair of laces of a more neutral color in the shoe box.

Photo credit: The Shoe Surgeon