On our quest for the latest winter must-haves, we stumbled upon Simon Miller’s ready-to-wear designs. And we got good news for you. In case you planned to keep your winter style easy and laid-back, this collection is what you need to look effortlessly you day in, day out. Although their garments are easy to wear still they are far from being called basic. So we picked the 5 best pieces that’ll get you through the Siberian cold this winter.

Oversized coats

Simon Miller Lookbook Fall Winter 2016 Men's collection

Back in ’08 Simon Miller started as a denim label for men. Which quickly escalated to higher heights. Not only did they evolve in terms of having an authentic aesthetic. Nonetheless the brand became more of a lifestyle. They definitly went big on outerwear this season, without a doubt.

We’d do anything to stay away from the cold weather outside. Also if it weren’t for work or the cheerful holiday gatherings who wouldn’t want to stay inside a bit longer for a cup of coffee? Luckily the gods gave us Simon Miller’s coats.

Aside from that we have a feeling that Simon Miller will remain a fixed value on our style radar. Because when you make long oversized coats looking as winterproof as these ones you got us on your side.

Slouchy baggy trousers

Another top item from the very easy men’s collection is the slouchy trouser. According to Simon Miller wider is better. And here at Enfnts Terribles we can totally relate. Stylewise are slowly moving to a era where men are swapping their skinny jeans for more comfy, slouchy and baggy trousers. No pun intended but we are moderately aiming back to 90’s fashion.

Trashed denim

Established on the ethics of Japanese craftsmanship Simon Miller also makes selvedge jeans for men, costing up to 500€.  We honestly thought the trashed denim was in fade out mode anyways. At least now we have a legit reason to wear take out our slouchy trousers.

Simon Miller menswear collection Fall Winter 2016 - Lookbook

Relaxed fit shirt

What about the ochre bonanza Simon Miller got us hooked on? The relaxed fit shirt (next picture) is not a problem at all despite the ochre color. While some might be uncertain of the combo possibilities. We’re sure it can easily be worn with your favorite pair of jeans. No need to adjust your style.

Just another simple beanie

A few days ago we talked about how indispensable beanies are. There’s nothing more simple than a beanie. What makes this cap a winter style staple is the earthy tone. If you’re not going for your black, grey or blue one. Simon Miller’s soft ochre beanies will make sure your wardrobe stays exciting.

Simon Miller: relaxed fit shirt in ochre - Fall Winter 2016 Lookbook
Simon Miller: high-top beanie in ochre - Fall Winter 2016 Lookbook

Photo credit: Vogue