Yes, make-up can be beautiful, intricate and a lot of work. But some times, we don’t have time for that. Right? And let me tell you: you don’t need the big gestures to look extra flawless. Some times, it’s in the little things. I’m not saying less is more, I’m just saying: some times minimal effort can lead to great results. Here are some of the best beauty hacks that you might not know yet. And a big plus: they take close to no time!


Eyeliner can be quite intimidating and difficult to pull off, especially the winged liner that you see on instagram every day. Luckily, there is a way to wear liner that is a) easier to apply and b) makes your lashes appear fuller and your look more intense. Enter tightlining! It is what the word says: a line very tight to your lashline. Basically, you use a black eyeliner and put it very closely to/on your upper lashline. Then, you draw a very thin line, just following your eye shape, and that’s it. No wing, no flick, no hard moves: just a fine, easy line. Pro tip: use a small brush, those are softer and safer to use that close to your eyes. See how tighlining is done in this video!


If you have been following any YouTube guru’s lately, you’ll know how important a transition shade is. Basically, it’s the one shadow that makesΒ your eye make-up look blended AF. It’s a light shade you run in the crease with a large fluffy brush, just to get a base colour down for all the other, darker colours to blend into. Depending on your look, you can pick a warm or a cooler shade, and basically, you can use any shade you want as a transition, as long as it is the lightest colour in your look.

Desi Perkins used a very soft peachy shade as her transition shade, followed by rusty browns and a full on black to make that perfect smokey eye.


(Translucent) powder has been very heavily used in the make-up scene lately. Drag queens showed us how to bake with it (baking is a way of setting your foundation/concealer so it doesn’t go anywhere) and thanks to instagram make-up and the Kardashians, it is now everywhere (literally).

One trick that a lot of people don’t know, however, is the one where you use powder to sharpen out the line of your eyeshadow. If you want that gorgeous cateye shape in your shadows but you don’t know how to get a clean line, this is the way to go. Right now, a lot of make-up lovers use scotch tape to create that line, but to be honest: that shit gets messy some times. With powder, you just have to apply a good amount with a straight brush, work on your shadows, maybe reapply some powder along the way, and in the end, brush the excessive powder off. It’s easy! A clean cat eye like the pro’s, sign me up!

New tutorial is up on my channel!πŸŽ‰β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸŒŸ

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Jaclyn Hill was actually the one who taught me this trick, she really is the queen of cat eye make-up looks.


Okay, we all know it’s possible to put on fake lashes if you want that fuller look, but let’s be real: nothing is more tedious than putting on fake lashes, let alone every day. But there is an easy way to make your lower lashes more prominent. No glue, no tweezers, just a black liner. If you put a couple of small dots between your lashes, close to the lashline, it will look like they’re fuller!Do not forget mascara and don’t exaggerate, of course, but it really makes a difference. Try it for yourself!