Now EURO 2016 is over we can finally write freely about Cristiano Ronaldo without having to mention his performances on the field all the time. Ok maybe just this little intermezzo… we never expected that Portugal would win. Actually the entire EURO 2016 was a surprise. And it maybe wasn’t the “best” team on paper. But it made us smile to see Ronaldo totally excited holding the cup during the final ceremony.

Soccer celeb

Cristiano Ronaldo is the celeb amongst all football players. He always dated the hottest models and actually looks like one himself. However we don’t like his haircuts, nor his style. He seems to handle his appearance with the greatest care and always looks in point. That’s also the main reason why some think he’s hot and others assume he’s gay. Besides that sixpack of him and the fact he’s extremely talented we never were his greatest fans. Until we heard about his background story and all the good causes he’s supporting…

EnfntsTerribles_CristianoRonaldo_2Never judge a book by its cover

Ronaldo may be the example of the proverb “never judge a book by its cover”. As we already mentioned not that subtly, his style is totally not our thing. And he doesn’t strike as the most intelligent man either. But when you know about his background story, the good causes he supports and how he acts towards his fans, all of that is irrelevant.

He grew up in a rather poor family on the island of Madeira. The poor fella was named after Ronald Reagan because it was his father’s favorite actor. When he was 9 he started playing football and at the age of 12 he signed his first contract. Ronaldo even had a heart surgery at the age of 15 to save his career. Yes indeed, the man is a go-getter, we thought so to. Only 5 years later he lost his father who died of an alcoholism-related liver condition. And another 5 years later he became a father himself without ever going public about who the mother of the cild is. The least we can say his early life has been kinda rocky. He might be extremely popular and rich right now, it hasn’t always been like that.

The Messiah Anno 2016

Whether his personal life influenced his acts or he’s just extremely kind-hearted, we will never know. But if God would have to appoint a new Messiah at this specific moment, Ronaldo would definitely be a decent candidate. Ok he has loads of money but compared to many other rich people he uses these resources to do something good. Do you know he doesn’t have any tattoos because he donates blood? And that he gave his golden boot, worth €1,5 million, to the Gaza children? And these are just a few of the many great things he has done this far.

The man is the Portuguese dream… he shows us that with effort and willpower you can reach quite a lot. You go Cristiano, thanks for inspiring us!