There’s seriously nothing better than getting out of a cold shower on a hot summer day… Air-dry your hair, spray handsomely with that fresh new fragrance and repeat after a few hours. For us the entire summer spirit is linked to a signature scent. That one perfume everyone who comes close enough, compliments you about. Our list of favorites contain some golden oldies (that make everyone feel nostalgic) and a few great new ones. Unfortunately we can’t give you an online sample. But next time you’re in a perfume shop, spray ahead.

Tommy Girl – Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl is the ultimate 90’s perfume for young women. Created by famous perfumer Caline Becker all the way back in 1996. It’s pure nostalgia wrapped in a girly flower scent.

Terre de lumière – L’Occitane

Terre de lumière is named after golden hour in Le Provence, the area in the South of France where Marseille, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez are located. It has a rich, sweet scent but rather honey, almond than candy sweet. Every time you smell this fragrance, you see yourself walking along the French coastline in the sun. Not bad, definitely not bad. Smell Like Summer Perfumes

White musk – The Body Shop

Another epic name within the perfume landscape. As young girls we were told that White Musk was the ultimate fragrance to attract all the boys. No idea if it actually worked but it still smells great. Smell Like Summer Perfumes

La fille de l’air Monoï – Courrèges

The brand new fragrance from Courrèges is a summer’ish mix of orange blossom, monoi, vanilla, bergamot and neroli. Its name reveals enough… “la fille de l’air” is all about summer, holidays and freedom. Honestly, what do you want more.

Eclat d’arpège Tropical Flower – Lanvin

Lanvin’s most iconic perfume exists since 2002 and is still a best-seller. This August the label will be launching a limited edition Tropical Flower to celebrate summer. The fragrance stays the same but the bottle got a little holiday make-over. Forest vines and a touch of pink will temporary brighten up the epic bottle. Smells Like Summer Spirit

Photo credits: Pinterest