With almost 7.5 billion people on this planet (and counting), being dressed in an authentic way gets challenging. Luckily there will always be a variety of cultures that stick to their traditions. But still, globalization and the world wide web have their effects on how we look. It’s getting really hard to have a real style of your own and to create an original wardrobe. Without looking like a clown or someone who completely lost his / her mind… of course.

The majority of human beings doesn’t care about fashion so we don’t need to worry about that. Another big part doesn’t mind that they look like the others who don’t mind. No real issues there. To make a long story short, there is still a rather large group of “fashionistas” who are all competing for the crown of style queen or king. If you don’t believe us, just spend 5 minutes on Instagram and you all know what we’re talking about. Fesjon is everywhere!

Even though it seems to be a fool’s errand, we tried to gather some ideas to creatively upgrade your wardrobe. If you can’t “beat” them, join them. But do it in style.

Road to an original wardrobe

1. Golden oldies

Vintage always is the answer. What’s just the chance of you and your neighbor running into each other, wearing the exact same 90’s Versace jacket.

2. Never get the striking trendy items at chain stores (or wear them a few seasons later)

When you just scored that pretty flashy sweater at Zara or H&M, 10 times out of 10 at least two people will say “cute, I have the same”. Or when they didn’t buy it yet, they will definitely do so within a few days.

Road to an original wardrobe

3. An IT bag is great, a classic is better

The latest IT bag is a great thing to have… when you have enough money on your account. We prefer a good old time classic. These bags earned their their title for a reason.

4. The truth is in the details

If we can give you one major tip that will be “the truth is in the details”. And by details we mean, at least in this case, accessories. You can turn a simple outfit in a totally new dimension by adding a scarf, another pair of shoes, a hat or what so ever.

5. Win the lottery so you can buy crazy expensive and original designs nobody else can afford

The title says it all…

Photo credits: The Coveteur, Song of Style