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30 Jan

The souvenir shop where Vetements’ Antwerpen tee only costs €9,95

For way too long we’ve been drooling on Vetements’ Antwerpen tee (as you can read in this article and have a look at the Vetements x Champion hoodie via this link). Realizing that we’d probably have to follow a bread only diet for a few weeks if we ever want to buy the damn thing. Ok, we’re proud of “our” city and we want to show it… but not at all costs. Since sometimes it’s hard to just let things go, we talked about our financial fashion struggle to almost everyone we saw. Kinda sad since there are plenty of people having real problems. But hey, we’re only humans too.

Apparently our “prayers” were heard. A smart-ass friend told us that we could buy tees with the original print in a souvenir shop in the city center for only €9,95. Why didn’t anyone mention this little detail before? So this weekend we went tourist style, entered every f*****g souvenir shop and finally found what we were looking for. We had a very interesting chat with the owner and returned home with 3 tees and a hoodie for only €55. Catch of the day, yes indeed. And at least we will be eating more varied meals the upcoming months. Amen to that!

Vetements Antwerpen tee origins
Vetements Antwerpen tee origins

The place to be: Handschoenmarkt 4

There are plenty of souvenir shops but the famous Vetements print is only sold at Handschoenmarkt 4. Reason why is that the owner created the print himself 30 years ago, together with his wife. Demna Gvasalia or someone from the Vetements crew must have seen it while studying in Antwerp.

The man explained to us that he noticed that the tee and hoodie are very popular in the fashion scene at the moment. He has been selling quite a few of them. And he also told us that he’s proud about the fact that his 30-year-old print became such a hype. Unfortunately he’s not much of an internet guy so the original version won’t be sold online. However, if you’re in Antwerp: Handschoenmarkt 4 is the place to be.


Antwerpen Vetements

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