Chances are that you haven’t heard of Spencer Ludwig before, but let me tell you something: he’s here to blow your socks off. And you can take that quite literally, because he plays the trumpet like a real rockstar. Don’t let the trumpet be a red flag, he doesn’t play “high school orchestra music”. His music will make each and every fiber in your body want to dance.

Bebe Rexha

Spencer LudwigI got to know Spencer Ludwig a little while ago at Bebe Rexha’s concert in Antwerp. Normally I do some research on who’s opening up at a gig, but this time I didn’t. The name Spencer Ludwig didn’t ring a bell, so I had no expectations or whatsoever at all. So I took place in front of the barricades to take pictures (the perks of being press *flips hair*) and waited for him to come on. First of all I have to say, he’s a complete blessing if you’re a photographer. He constantly gives you amazing picture opportunities, like yaaasssss. But on the other hand, he wasn’t that much of a blessing. Why? His AMAZING performance was distracting me from taking pictures. Although I managed to snap some cool ones.

His energy on stage is just incredible. Him playing the trumpet is just f*cking amazing. I don’t even know how to describe the goosebumps I had. Apart from his performance skills, the songs are just really well put together. His music is a perfect mixture of Jazz and R&B which results into some Funky ass Pop music. His songs ‘Diggy‘ and ‘Legend‘ have me dancing around the house daily. Even when I’m laying in bed and almost falling asleep, I just HAVE TO move when one of his songs comes on. I call it the Spencer Ludwig effect.


So what else do you need to know? Although there was an album planned for 2016, he didn’t release one yet. I’m not quite sure if that means it’s coming this year, but I hope it is. I just can’t wait to hear new stuff. However, there are some singles out there. So in the meantime, I’ll be jamming and dancing to these. I also can’t forget to mention that he’s got a really cool sense of style and his outfits are just on point. Oh and Spencer, if you’re reading this, bless our ears with some new music soon. Please. We love you.

Pictures taken by Lorenzo Veppi.