A few months ago, in June, Stella McCartney announced she was going to launch an eponymous menswear label. The British fashion designer always loved menswear and occasionally designed something for her dad [aka Paul McCartney] and husband to wear to special events like the Met Gala. Also, she already knew the fundamentals of crafting men’s clothing, having apprenticed under Savile Row tailor Edward Sexton after college.

The collection was kept a secret until last Thursday. McCartney debuted her menswear collection during a highly anticipated event in London. The event was livestreamed at Stella McCartney’s snapchat and featured performances of Beth Ditto, Basement Jaxx, DMC and more.

Enfnts Terribles Stella McCartney SS17 Menswear collection

The Collection

The collection itself is inspired by Paul McCartney, who happens to be Stella’s dad. Just as the women’s collection, Stella’s menswear collection is one without any leather or other environmentally unfriendly fabrics. That’s what McCartney told Vogue. “We’ve got such a beautiful relationship with so many women, wEnfnts Terribles Stella McCartney SS17 Menswear collectionhich is based on effortlessness, timelessness, and some sort of honesty. I thought, ‘Can we deliver that for men?’ You should be able to buy a pair of organic denim jeans if you’re a man. You should be able to buy non-leather shoes if you’re Morrissey, and not sacrifice your style! Our women customers take that for granted.”

There’s a lot of things to say about the designer’s first ever menswear collection. One of those things is that it is everything we want from a debut collection and more. For outerwear, there is a mix of big-pocketed jackets, trench coats, raincoats and bomber jackets. The designs, in a colour palette including khaki, taupe, ink and racing green, also featured flower embroideries. The thing that might be the best about this collection is that it’s really easy to wear in everyday life situations. It is wearable for people of all ages, without being boring or less youthful. Also, we’re loving the hobo kind of vibes.

It is -and we don’t say this that often- a collection that is very ‘Enfnts Terribles’-ish. We would totally wear this.

Have a look at the entire collection.


Photo credits: Stella McCartney.