If you’re thinking about decorating your beloved ears, there are a few options. Getting a piercing is one of them. It doesn’t really hurt at the moment itself but you will have to sleep on your back or one side for at least a month. If your pain threshold is on the low side of normal, a helix tattoo might just be a better option. In the beginning there will be an annoying tickle but after a day or two it’s gone or you just got used to it. Before you rush to the nearest tattoo artist to get your own, please read this article (Part 2 and 3 to be more specific).

Helix what?

They probably missed this body part during biology class. So let’s give you an update: the helix is basically the edge of your ear. A helix tattoo is therefore a tiny tattoo that curves up around this edge. Obviously there are “many” other options like your flats or lobes.

Ear tattoo👂🏼🌹🌿

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