StockX is an app made to buy and sell sneakers faster, easier and safer! Ideal for sneakerheads. Just like on the New York Stock Exchange, on StockX sellers place asks and buyers placed bids. When a bid and an ask meet, a sale happens automatically and instantaneously. No need to worry about the worth of the sneaker at a particular moment. StockX has real-time marketing pricing.

How to use StockX?

With 23586 pairs of shoes listed on StockX. Every brand has its own index, you’ll know immediately if a shoe has lost or gained worth. The site functions as a middleman between the seller and the buyer. Unlike eBay, in case of a problem with the sale, the buyer goes to StockX with concerns instead of the seller.stockx an app for sneakerheads : yeezy boost adidas

New Releases

By date, StockX informs you on which day a particular sneaker will be released. Look up any brand and you’ll find all the release dates of the new models. It was only by trolling on the website that we discovered how many Stan Smith variants were made.

When you think about it, you practically don’t need the sneaker news websites anymore like highsnobiety,,, etc. By only following the sneaker stock exchange you will be good.

Forget about eBay, Stockx will take over from here

Stockx is also a paradise for sneakerheads who travel different cities and countries to wait in line for those next dope kicks. They might as well go home empty-handed because of a limited edition. However, if their plan succeeds it can only make them richer. Remember when people were waiting in the cold for the YEEZY sneakers. Well, that’ll remain the same we think. Stockx will only simplify your life by offering you a real platform to sell your footwear to relevant people.

stockx an app for sneakerheads : yeezy boost adidas

Photo credit: Sneakerbar Detroit, Sneaker politics