We always wonder if the Swedish are some kind of super people? H&M, Ikea, Acne, & Other Stories,… It seems like everything they touch becomes a success. When you spot something nice while shopping for clothes or furniture there’s a 8 out of 10 chance it’s Swedish. Same with String, the finest shelves to store all kinds of belongings.

About String

String is a shelf system originally designed by Nils Strinning in 1949. The purpose was and still is to provide different kinds of options so you can build your own rack. First you choose the floor or wall panel in a color that suits your interior. Once that’s done you can start placing shelves, cabinets, tables and desks. Of course you have to take the fixed measurements into account. But besides that little detail you’re free to create whatever you want.

String has won several awards throughout the years including a golden medal at the triennale in Milan and more recently the German Design Award. In the fifties even the UN building in New York was decorated with shelves from the Swedish brand. Nowadays there are more and more competitors on the market but nothing beats the original. Also, the shelf is patented since the 70’s after a number of plagiarists were taken to court.

Multifunctional and kinda affordable

Whether you want a unit for your TV, some shelves in the kitchen or a giant rack in the living room, it’s all possible. Their website makes it pretty easy to create just the type of String you want. Another advantage are the prices. Design furniture can be extremely expensive, even the worthless vintage items. are way over-priced lately. String isn’t what we’d like to define as cheap but it’s definitely affordable. And the good thing is that the design never changes. You can buy the basics and add extra shelves, cabinets or desks later on.

EnfntsTerribles_String_4Photo credits: Archiexpo, Designlovfest