The summer is coming and style-wise it’s time to try out some new things. What about neutrals?

Yes, we have been there and all have done it but on an off day, they come in handy. Not too much and just enough, neutrals are an easy midway between “je m’enfou” and “okay let’s wear something”. And trust us, you can effortlessly look your best in neutrals.

Modern neutrals for guys: it’s a thing

Only last year men learned how to rock a full tonal look. Back then we did it with darker shades, out of habit. However, in 2017 it’s about time we took our game a bit more serious.

All while keeping neutrals modern, you can combine it with pieces that are more or less breezy. Especially when summer comes around!Summer is coming: let's try neutrals

Earthy tone chic

More than ever before, men are truly enjoying clothes. Because they come in different fabrics and lately we have more options. 10 years ago you were considered out of this world or at least a crazy artsy fashion-forward guy. But starting from spring summer 2017, you can officially style beige wide-leg trousers with a khaki top and other rich and warm colored garments. Summer is coming: let's try neutrals

Shine bright in your neutrals

If we can promise you something, you and I will look stunning this summer. In order to succeed, we’ll need to gear up all the way. By that we mean, get your budget right. Because the golden rule to standing out with your light toned look is to accessorize. The right bags, crazy hats and shoes will do the job.

Summer is coming: let's try neutralsSummer is coming: let's try neutrals

Photo credit: Trends Setters, GQ, Pinterest