While shopping, most women tend to forget that an outfit means nothing without the right accessories. And by accessories we mean jewelry! Even the most simple dress can look stunning with the right necklace or earrings. Usually we’re all about the traditional stuff such as rings and bracelets. But since our arms and ankles can have a little fun too it’s time to spoil them with upper arm cuffs and bracelets. It’s more complicated to wear these during winter so we fully have to enjoy showing off our assets right now.

Upper arm cuffs

We had to visit quite some online shops before we found the right ones. Surprisingly New Look has a few very pretty (and very affordable) arm cuffs in its offer. We honestly have to admit that we aren’t willing to spend a large amount of money on them. It’s an item meant to wear on several occasions during summer. And however it also looks great combined with an oversized knit, it’s not the traditional golden bracelet you wear on a daily basis, all year long.

So we suggest you just check out the New Look online shop for some inspiration! 

Ankle bracelets

Ankles are the most neglected body part! We think that nothing is more elegant than a female (and some male) ankle. Thanks to the cropped jeans, our ankles are finally getting the attention they deserve. But we can always make an extra effort by decorating them with a little bracelet. Our personal favorite is the one from Rosantica we found at Netaporter. It might be a little investment but since we’re not covering up our ankles this summer it will be worth the money. And it’s handcrafted in Milan, who can resist to that?

EnfntsTerribles_ArmCuffs_2Where to shop: Arm cuffs / Aha Life, New Look, Netaporter, Asos – Ankle bracelets / New Look, Netaporter, Bluefly 

Photo credits: Pinterest