I’m not a Taylor Swift fan nor connaisseur. At all. So when fellow ET contributor Jon pointed out that she released her comeback single, I normally would have been the last one to show any interest whatsoever. Surely since today was the day that The War on Drugs released ‘A Deeper Understanding’, an album I had been waiting for so impatiently. Be sure to check out that album btw. And do so by starting off with ‘In Chains’. A song I fell in love with faster than I ever did with any of my holiday crushes.

Ryan Adams

However, Taylor Alison Swift came unexpectedly onto my musical path two years ago. Not as a result of me moving into her direction. But as the direct consequence of a hero of mine covering one of her albums. I’m obviously referring to Ryan Adams who took on million seller ‘1989’. In a rather stunning way, I tend to think.

Adams drew a lot of cheers and an equal amount of criticism for doing so. But as far as I’m concerned, he opened my eyes. Made me realise and acknowledge that the – according to me – profoundly ‘commercial’ artist Taylor Swift delivered very well crafted songs. Because: how could I possibly like Adams’ take on those songs if the source material wasn’t good in the first place? And so Swift entered my life.


Look what you made me do

And now here we are. Me, on a Friday evening, listening to the new release of an artist I would never have dreamt to invest a single second in. An artist who according to those who know wrote this track in order to settle a score with Kanye West. Whilst slamming Katy Perry at the same time too. And all of this through a dark and heavily machine drum based song, inspired by that Right Said Fred song we all love to hate.

Do I LOVE the song? Not really. Will I quickly forget about it? Most likely. But am I 100% sure that I won’t develop a soft spot for it once deconstructed and put back together by the likes of Radiohead or Tindersticks? The answer is: no.