How to launch an instant trend in just a couple of days: ask Alessandro Michele! The 390€ Gucci tee out of the Cruise Collection seemed to be everywhere the past week. As always, Chiara Ferragni was one of the first to be spotted in the latest IT item. And within minutes, the T-shirts were all over Instagram. We expect another explosion the upcoming weeks and probably months.

“Generation” Gucci

It seems like generating buzz around a brand has never been easier… Or is that just a rather simplistic thought? Maybe it’s actually harder to break through all the noise. In any case we can tell that Gucci is on top of its game at the moment. No brand has been more respected and omni-present.

Besides the fact that Alessandro Michele is a creative genius. And that the Kering marketing team is obviously doing a good job. We wondered if we’re not just seeking for comfort in the logo madness? That double G sign brings up a feeling of security in an uncertain world. It makes us dream about Tom Ford and those lovely 90’s. A time where there were no limits and everything seemed to be possible.

Even though we pretend to be all modern boys and girls, we obviously can’t let go of the old school.

Photo credits: Chiara Ferragni, The Fashion Fraction, Lucy Williams, Pinterest