Some women feel naked without diamonds, good for them! We rather believe in lipstick. You can hardly wear any make-up, a touch of color on your lips always does the trick. Even after you were in bed for one week because of the flue. However, forget about Courtney love. The “I went out all night and apparently my make-up isn’t whatever proof” look is officially outdated.

Our all time favorite is still Rouge Allure from Chanel. It’s like the Iris Apfel of all lipsticks. But we can’t go red all day every day and we’re too young to stick to the classics. So let’s see what else is on the market…



Hot right now are the matte lipsticks. And we suspect that Kylie Jenner might have given this trend a little boost. Compared to its shiny sisters, the matte version generally has a more natural effect. Of course everything depends on the color… When you go all wilde with dark purple there will be a chance that people stare at you out on the streets.

Clinique just got a new matte version of their pop lipstick on the market > tested and approved. Go and check it out via!

Gothic much

In the 90’s black lipstick became a success thanks to movies such as The Craft. But as soon as the trend appeared, it also disappeared. The last two decades mostly goths painted there lips in different shades of dark. As it goes with revivals, it’s officially allowed again to experiment with night colors. Just make sure you keep the rest of your make-up natural. You don’t want to shock any innocent grannies.

EnfntsTerribles_Lipstick_6 EnfntsTerribles_Lipstick_3

Special occasions only

When you really have some time left. And you really have to go to a special occasion where there is no food, nor drinks: try to experiment with gold, silver or even a drawing. We can assure you that there’s no better way to steal the show. One tip: eat and drink enough before you leave and put a straw in your bag, just in case…

Note from the writer: we just thought the featured image was funny, never forget that smoking is bad for your health!

Photo credits: Elle, Pinterest, Clinique