The Museum of Failure: It Doesn’t Get Weirder Than This

Museums usually have a more serious goal or at least display the work of deliberate artists. If this is not really your thing, we suggest you make a little trip to Sweden this summer. In the city Helsingborg a rather unusual new hotspot is about to open its door on June 7th. That hotspot is called the Museum of Failure. Its funny name already reveals which collections of “artwork” you can expect. Yes, products that were initially created to boost business but totally failed instead.

Founder of the museum, organizational psychologist Dr Samuel West, collected the “artwork” for years. He got so sick of the market launching the most bizarre products that he decided to display them in a museum. Some of them even go back to the eighties. Here a small list of our personal favorites.

Colgate frozen dinners

This must be a typical example of a brand extension gone completely and totally wrong. A company known for its dental products that’s launching unhealthy deep frozen food. We understand that Colgate just gently swept this beef lasagna under the rug.

Donald Trump board game

Back in 1989, Donal Trump decided that the time had come to swoop down Monopoly by launching his own board game. It’s all about bidding, properties and Trump cards… we’ll spare you the details. To keep a long story short, Monopoly hasn’t gone anywhere and we guess you know by now what happened with Trump.

The Museum of Failure

Bic for her

On a bright, shiny day Bic (famous for its qualitative plastic pens) decided that women needed a pen of their own. After years of using writing materials that were exclusively made for men, this was a revolution. Unfortunately just a silly revolution which only pointed out the gap between men and women even more. Congrats, Bic!
Photo credits: Sofie Lindberg, Bic, Colgate

The Museum of Failure

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