Yes, you read the title correctly… this article is about the positive sides of a burnout. You might think we’re complete weirdos, which we are, but after reading this article you’ll will hopefully understand our point of view.

Burned out

You feel it coming, first slowly, than obviously and all of a sudden it hits you in the face. Getting out of bed in the morning becomes the hardest thing you ever had to do. And only thinking of opening your mailbox makes you want to cry. You always thought you were some kind of superhero that could handle everything. But guess what… besides in the fantasy genre, no such thing as superheros, mutants or whatever does actually exist. We’re all pretty human. And however we’d like to believe that we’re on top of our game all the time, we’re not. There are most definitely limits to our abilities.

Compared to our ancestors we’re living a pretty easy life in most parts of the world. But aren’t we underestimating the stress level that comes with all of this luxury? And are we fully aware of the fact that our minds never get enough rest in this ever evolving society? Every second new stimuli reach that pretty brain of ours and most of the time we just don’t know how to handle all of this information.

Nobody ever said being a human was easy!


Break it before you make it

When life always goes as planned, it’s difficult to evolve as a human being. Sometimes it’s necessary to go through a dark period to gain wisdom. Because how will you ever fully appreciate happiness when you don’t know sadness? Same with a burnout, you thought you had it all figured out till your body just said no. There’s absolutely no point of turning back and only one medicine: rest! But have you ever wondered that this might be an interesting sign for you to evaluate the journey? Some people can go on for years having a life instead of appreciating it. They don’t get or see the hint that they might have taken the wrong road. Suffering a burnout might be the hard way but after you had enough sleep, you can finally take your time to start thinking about what you really want in this life.

Ask help

Even though you might think you can do this on your own, it’s better to get some professional help. And not just a general practitioner who will write you a prescription or 10. It’s very important that you find the right psychologist or coach to guide you through this rocky adventure. And don’t settle for less, it might take a few visits before you found the right one. Having a diploma doesn’t mean that this psychologist is also the designated person for you. When you don’t feel any kind of relief after a visit, it’s time to go on to the next.

And don’t forget that everything starts within yourself. So read, watch and be inspired. It’s the ideal time to go digging in that soul of yours. For once you can forget all the superficiality this society has to offer and find out what essentially inspires you!

Photo credits: Kevin Finneran