Yups, summer is around the corner and it’s time to dust off those bikinis. We get it… you’ve been watching too many Netflix series accompanied by your friends Ben, Jerry and Dorito. Wrapped in oversized coats and hoodies those extra pounds weren’t really visible. But now the time has come to get dressed a bit more scantily, truth hits you bad.

In case this is totally you… no worries! There are several options to cope with another winter weight crisis.

  • You just learn how to live with it. The ice cream was good and so were the chips and the candy. Ok, you gained a bit of weight but nobody’s perfect.
  • Starting from now there is only salad on the menu and you hire a personal coach to get rid of whatever there is to get rid of. (most boring option)
  • You invest in some great new bikinis so nobody will notice the difference.

Since we’re all extremely lazy at ENFNTS TERRIBLES, option n°3 is by far our personal favorite.


It’s Australian… and Australians are basically surrounded by water. So they must be good at designing bikinis. Fella is what we’d like to call sporty with a sexy twist. Seriously, nobody will notice that there’s still a bit of cellulite.

Bikini season Fella

Beth Richards

We fell in love with that knotted bikini top from Beth Richards. It looks good in every color but definitely in baby blue.
Bikini season Beth Richards

Adriana Degreas

Adriana Degreas is all Brazilian, another country that’s on top of the beachwear game. If you like a touch of boho chique this is the brand you need to keep an eye on.
bikini season Adriana Degreas

Solid & Striped

What’s in a name? Solid and striped has the most beautiful basic striped beachwear of the season. And anyone who has read our trend reports knows that this is one of the prints rocking SS17.

bikini season solid & striped

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman’s collection is clean with a beautiful twist. And this striped silhouette might just be our absolute favor for this summer. (There’s also an actual bikini top for those who are interested in getting a tan.)

bikini season Mara Hoffman