If there’s one sneaker on this planet having its own “family” tree, it must be Nike Air Max. In 2018 another member will join the crew: the Nike Air Max 270. It’s the first air unit (and subsequent shoe) that hasn’t initially been designed for running. The quality remains untouched but its primary purpose is to fulfill the all-day needs instead of your sporty escapades.

After who knows how many versions (we stopped counting) you’d think innovative air designs would become exhausted. Not if it comes to Nike, the label is a gift that keeps on giving. So what exactly is different about the Air Max 270?

Inspired by the Air Max 93 and Air Max 180

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, please read our Air Max style evolution article.

Nike Air Max 270

A variety of silhouettes

The 270 air unit will make an appearance on a variety of silhouettes and in loads of different colors in 2018. It will make the family tree more complicated to understand. But we always say, the more the merrier!

Nike Air Max 270

The tallest-ever Max Air heel unit

No more wedges needed… the 270 air unit will make you 32 mm taller!

Nike Air Max 270

It will hit the SNKRS app somewhere in February

You know what to download next…

Photo credits: Nike