No, we’re not writing the next best traditional resolutions article. Nothing wrong with some good intentions. But we never truly believed in changing things from one hour to another, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are we. So we’re going for the long run term and recently started working on the “This time next year” plan. Instead of quickly making some things up we’re figuring out where we want to be on this exact moment in 2018.

Of course you can still go on that diet tomorrow, shop less, quit smoking, be a better person and so on. But we can already predict that most of these good intentions wont last that long. Tomorrow you probably get an e-mail from Netaporter saying that the Saint Laurent boots are finally on sale. And there goes the amount from your credit card…

The in-depth list

However, an in-depth list will help you to see the bigger picture. You can even pick specific dates when things need to be done or goals have to be reached. Let’s have a closer look at our approach.

This time next year

1. Start by making a list of what made you unhappy last year or even the past few years.

What bothered you, made you angry or even cry? What did you find extremely boring? Were you afraid of someone, something? Keep in mind that life isn’t always about having fun. Make sure that you see the difference between the important events and the little details. And write everything down, this is very important since our minds tend to forget sometimes.

2. Do the same thing with what made you really happy this or the past few years.

What, who made you smile every single time? What did you enjoy, who did you enjoy spending time with? Write this down on the same piece of paper.

3. Take some time for yourself (and not just 5 minutes)

When you’re always on the run or surrounded by others, new ideas won’t have the chance to come out. Take a day or two off and spend some time alone. Try to see yourself in the future. Who, what do you want to become? Write these thoughts down on the same (or a second) piece of paper.

4. Put things into practice

Being aware of and realizing things is an important step but sometimes you just need to do it (thanks Nike). So buy yourself that agenda and start to make plans. We prefer to write things down with pen & paper since it’s an important step to memorize information.

So how can you avoid or turn around the negative situations? How can you enjoy the happy moments even more? Which actions will you take to improve your life? You have one year to plan it all out…

5. Actually believe that the plan will work

If you don’t believe, is it never going to happen. Sounds very, very cliché but it’s nothing more than the truth.