Tomorrowland party flight

Two weeks have past already since Tomorrowland. I never thought that a festival would bring so much emotions to me. I had first the chance to take part to a one of a kind experience for which I’ve asked my dear friend Ruth and Nicolas (Cherie FM) to join. Every year Brussels Airlines organizes a party flight for Tomorrowland people from all around the world coming to Belgium. Together with press, influencers and deejay Mystique we boarded in Business Class flying to Munich. It was the first time ever I travelled business class, what an adventure! The service was on point, the food delicious and I could even lay down and have a nap in that comfy chair.

Thousands of miles

Once we arrived in Munich, there were people from Australia, India, Switzerland, Japan,… waiting to get on the flight. It was crazy to witness that some passengers travelled thousand of miles to  join the people of Tomorrow. Our country has been again put on the map but for a more positive event this time. I felt quite patriotic at that particular moment. The Red Devils and Tomorrowland bring unity among the Belgians.

In the plane, there were good vibes only. Everybody had, for safety reasons to remain seated and received a stick that glows in the dark. They sang along as the beats went on, the plane was ‘on fire’! Even going through Turbulences felt like an amusement park.

Tomorrowland, one of the best festival in the world, has been existing for over 10 years now and it’s quite impossible to get your hands on tickets, every year it’s sold out within a few minutes. After the flight experience I was even more excited to go knowing that Pimm’s, my client, surprised me by upgrading my ticket to VIP.

Check my party flight here!

Fairy tale

Two days later, I was as a PR consultant, responsible of a press and influencers group going to Tomorrowland. The day was stressful off course since I had a few things to get done. The security measures were on point, people had to do through several check points, metal detectors, dogs, before getting in, which gave a very safe vibe to the celebration. The crowd was playful, warm, friendly, proudly waving the flags of their own country.

I’ve purely enjoyed this ‘fairy tale’ for adults were everything is allowed. I was really lucky to be surrounded by good friends, music lovers and great people from all around the globe. After all attacks, acts of racism,… from the past years it felt fantastic to experience the love at Tomorrowland.

Photo credits: Harrison Stelman